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Current Quarterly Equity Graph of the Forex Profit Monster System (in Pips)



Forex Profit Monster is an easy to use mechanical trading system that helps take the guesswork out of trading the Forex market.  It's a manual strategy based on momentum and price action that includes a set of custom indicators and custom templates to automatically set up your charts.  Forex Profit Monster comes as a complete forex trading system including several e-books on how to trade Forex, so even if you've never traded before you'll get everything you need to learn to trade! 

Forex Profit Monster is designed to be used with the FREE MT4 trading platform and will provide clear entry and exit signals on all Forex pairs.  If you're unfamiliar with MT4, Forex Profit Monster includes complete instructions on how to get your free copy of this professional charting platform, and comes with a list of brokers that provide free practice accounts with real time Forex streaming data so you can practice and learn to trade without risking a penny of your money! 

Forex Profit Monster will take your MT4 charts from looking like this:

To looking like this:

If you can tell up from down and green from red, you can learn to be profitable trading with Forex Profit Monster!

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ALSO AVAILABLE... The FOREX DAY MONSTER day trading system; a short term strategy to use along with the successful longer term Forex Profit Monster to pull even MORE pips out of the Forex!  Click 
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